What is a Crown, and When Might it be Recommended?

A crown, also known as a “cap”, is a dental restoration which fully covers the tooth. Most crowns placed today are porcelain and look very natural. There are many situations where a crown might be recommended, though it’s basically to restore, strengthen and/or improve the appearance of the tooth:

  • A portion of the tooth has fractured away (chipped tooth, broken tooth)
  • Following root canal therapy (endodontics)
  • “Cracked Tooth Syndrome” , which often causes pain while chewing
  • A large existing filling which is either loose, breaking down or has decay under it
  • An old existing crown with decay at the margin (where it meets the tooth)
  • Esthetic concerns (shape, position, or color of the tooth)

How long will a crown last?

  • After 15-20 years between 50-80% of crowns are still functioning well. Many will last multiple decades when properly diagnosed, prepared, placed and maintained. Keeping regular dental visits and getting periodic x-rays helps to minimize problems.

Most of the crowns placed in our office now are fabricated by CEREC technology – which offers single-visit restorations!