A missing tooth can be replaced by an implant (basically a titanium screw in your jaw) which takes the place of the tooth root. Upon that, a crown would be placed. This, of course, is a simplified explanation but it gives you the general idea.

Depending on the quality and quantity of the bone in the area of the desired implant, it may take months to improve the area (bone graft) and then additional time for an implant to fully integrate (essentially when the rebuilding bone binds around the implant threads) prior to having it restored with a crown.

Dr. Lunstrum has attended over 120 hours of continuing education on implant placement and bone grafting over the last 3 years, and has 60 more hours scheduled for the fall of 2014. There will be some cases where more advanced techniques may be necessary. For those, a referral to local oral surgeons we regularly work with will occur for the implant placement, with a return to our office for the final restoration (crown).

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