Composite Fillings

A Tooth Filling is a common restorative dental procedure that treats the effects of cavities. After a cavity is identified and any decay is removed from a tooth, the tooth is then “filled” in with a material in order to fill the gap and to stabilize it. Materials used for fillings can be metal, porcelain, or composite. Our staff here at Cocoa Village Dentistry use composite materials which give a natural, tooth-colored appearance, and forego the metal (amalgam) material for fillings.

“I have not placed any metal (amalgam) fillings since I took the state dental board exam – as it was a required procedure at that time. I must add that, nobody has asked me for one either! We don’t carry any such metal or mercury based fillings in the office – nor will we.”

-Dr. Lunstrum

Cocoa Village Dentistry Office in Cocoa, Florida