CEREC Machine, Same Day Crown advanced technology, with a monitor at Cocoa Village Dentistry

Dr. Lunstrum and the team at Cocoa Village Dentistry are happy to offer patients with the latest dental technologies in tooth restorations and crown placements. Most crowns today are made of porcelain, creating a very natural and aesthetically pleasing look. In addition to using high quality materials, we also utilize cutting edge CAD/CAM technology (Computer-aided design) in creating our crowns. This advanced technology enables us to offer Same Day Crowns for our patients, saving time while making the crown placement process much simpler (the crown isn’t created in a separate lab but instead in our office during your visit) so there’s no need to come back for a second visit to finish placing the crown.

Our on-site CEREC machine along with its advanced software has incredible imaging and milling accuracy that is sure to provide the best precision of fit for every crown, a crucial standard of quality for long term success. Read more about this state-of-the-art technology and One-Visit Dentistry: CEREC.

Not sure what a crown is? We answer that question along with how long a crown lasts and when a crown may be needed on our FAQ page: What Is A Crown.