Nightguards – Occlusal Splints – Mouthguards

A thorough evaluation is critical to help determine the cause and suggested treatments for any oral or facial pain.

Custom fabricated, well-fitting oral appliances can help to alleviate symptoms associated with bruxism (grinding and or clenching of the teeth). The following symptoms may be caused by bruxism: sore jaw, sore or sensitive teeth, headache, painful jaw clicking, even worn or broken teeth or fillings.

Some of the factors that can lead to bruxism include your bite being off, stress, as well as sleep disorders. Oral appliances are not always required – sometimes occlusal (bite) adjustments will help to alleviate the problem. Occasionally, oral anti-inflammatory medications or muscle relaxants may be recommended along with other approaches.

If simply protecting the teeth is the goal, we can fabricate a soft/flexible custom nightguard to prevent wear or chipping. We also can make custom athletic/sports guards as well – in an array of colors or designs.

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